Moving Forward

27 Jun

Today’s visit to The New York Times building definitely made a lasting impression on me. I’ve always been aware that technology and the media are constantly evolving and moving forward, but after seeing the developments made by their engineers, my mind was boggled by how quickly these changes are taking place.

The New York Times Building

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I never could have imagined the table that could essentially act as a computer or the mirror that could remind you to take your medications, tell you the weather, and also stream Facebook! It was truly amazing. It was also clear how their new building, which they just moved into a year and a half ago reflects the direction that the Times is moving. It’s not just a newspaper, but also a company that is looking to grow with technology. Here’s a link to a website that shows beautiful photos by Annie Leibovitz of the building…
(Unfortunately, the images are copyrighted and I can’t post them here.) Compare these with this picture of the Times‘ old building… the evolution is evident.

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Also, on the Internet front, I was also impressed with what I learned. I was very interested to learn that they predict within 4 years, people will access the Internet more from their mobile device than their laptop.

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I was very impressed by what I learned about how fast technology is moving, but being the traditionalist that I am, part of me still wants some things to remain the same. I don’t need to be able to check the weather from my mirror, I want to go to window and see for myself. Even though I was impressed with what I saw, I hope we can hold onto the joy of doing simple things the old fashioned way.

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