Interview #1

5 Aug

July 23– Interview #1

On the afternoon of July 23rd, I ventured to the Flatiron District to begin my first official set of notes and observations on the area. Even though I had walked around the area before, I noticed certain things when I observed more closely than when I had visited before.

I took some time and walked around Madison Square Park. This was a great way to observe the locals. There appeared to be some tourists there, but the beauty of the park is that it has a neighborhood feel that is hard to find elsewhere in the city.

A view of Madison Square Park

I decided to approach a young family who was in the park with their kids. The mother was sitting on a bench with their baby in a stroller, while the father was walking around and exploring with their three-year-old son. The mother, Jen, told me that she and her husband actually lived in Gramercy, but that they sometimes venture over to the Flatiron District with their kids on the weekends.

The section of Madison Square Park where I conducted my first interview

When I asked her about her opinion on the area and how its changed over the past few years, she said she had only lived in the area for about 8 years, but that it has become very popular with young people at night and that there are lots of good restaurants in the area. She told me she has some friends who live here and often complain about the noise at night. I asked her how she thought the Flatiron compared to Gramercy, and she said that she finds Gramercy to be slightly calmer, but that they also have the privilege of living higher up in a building away from street level.

Finally, I asked Jen if she had a favorite restaurant in the area. She said she really enjoyed going to Boqueria on 19th street. She said it was a little expensive, but that the food is awesome and the atmosphere is really fun. She said it has a Spanish vibe!

The Restaurant "Boqueria" on 19th St.

After I finished my interview with Jen, I walked around the park some more and continued to notice the many young families milling around. I also noticed that by the Shake Shack, there seemed to be lots of groups of friends hanging out and having a good time. Also, on the street I noticed couple after couple holding hands and shopping. All and all, Madison Square Park and the Flatiron District in general have a neighborhood feel that I find very inviting.

An "uptown" view of the Flatiron District


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