Interview #2

7 Aug

Interview #2

I conducted my second interview when I went to the Flatiron District one day to go shopping. I ventured into Ann Taylor Loft on 5th Ave, between 20th and 21st streets, right in the heart of the area. It wasn’t too busy in the store, so I decided to approach a girl who worked there and ask her a few questions about working in the area.

The girl I talked to was named Nicole and she doesn’t live in the Flatiron District, she lives in Greenwich Village, but she has worked Ann Taylor Loft for the past two years. I asked her about her observations about the stores and in the area and she had some interesting opinions. She told me that the stores in the area are mostly chains and that it is hard to find good service at many of them. She said at H&M for example, they don’t seem to hire anyone over the age of thirty. She said one good thing about Ann Taylor Loft is that they provide good customer service.

When I think about this in comparison to the fact that the area used to be home to the Ladies Mile, its very interesting to consider how American shopping has changed. Many of the stores on the Ladies Mile were boutiques that no doubt prided themselves on customer service. Today, it’s hard tofind such a thing on 5th avenue in popular stores like H&M.

I also asked Nicole if she ever came to the area to go out with her friends. She said she has come a few times, but that many of the bars and restaurants are very expensive. She mentioned that she had been to a club called Duvet and a bar called Taj II.

After talking to Nicole, I felt I had a better understanding about stores in the area. It was definitely interesting to talk to a young person who spends a great deal of time I the Flatiron District.


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