Wicked Fun!

Tonight, our class went and saw Wicked with Bill Webb. Even though I have seen the musical five times now, the story and the production never cease to amaze me.


As cliché as it may sound, I always get chills before seeing the play. Something about it is just magical. The breathtaking voices of the leads, the humor, the political satire, and magnificent costumes impress me every time I see it.


For me, Wicked also holds a special place in my heart because every time I’ve seen it in the last four years, I have been at a different place in my life. I think it’s interesting to think back to all the times I’ve seen it and consider how far I’ve come. When I saw it for the first time, I was in New York with my parents. I remember falling in love with everything about the production and how special it was to share it with them, especially my mother. A year later, when I saw it with my father, my uncle, my aunt and my cousin, I had been through the painful loss of my mother. I was still grieving at that time, but nevertheless, it’s a special memory.

Photo taken by Katy DeHoff

When I saw Wicked the next time, a few months later, I had the privilege of sharing it with my entire High School senior class on our senior trip, an experience I’ll never forget.

The next time I saw Wicked was last fall, with my father, his fiancé, and her daughter.

Photo taken by Philip Dehoff

Our trip to New York was fun, and I could see how far I had grown and developed emotionally since the first time I saw the play.

Finally, after seeing Wicked again tonight, I can say yet again that my mind is boggled by the changes that have taken place in my life in the past four years. I am in a different place even than where I was in the fall, and I am truly happy.

Since being in New York, not only have I grown, but so has my appreciation for theatre. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing other shows such as ChicagoMemphis, and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. They have all impressed me and shown me the power live theatre has to create a magical and transforming experience.


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